Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can I delete/remove my ad after I sell my item?
A: Refer back to the original email that you received to activate your ad. At the bottom of that email, there is an edit/delete link.

Q: Can I send or accept payment for my Gun Deal via Paypal?
A: Paypal, Inc is anti-gun. If they find out that you used their services for gun-related payments, your account may get cancelled. That said, we discourage any form of online payment for any deals at Our intent is to provide our users with local Face-to-Face sales.

Q: Can I sell a firearm as a private seller across state lines without an FFL?
A: No. A firearm transfer between two non-licensed individuals across state lines is a felony offense. An FFL transfer is required for any interstate firearms transfer. The following scenarios apply:

You may buy a long gun (rifle or shotgun) from an FFL in another state, provided it is legal in both your states, and it can be shipped directly to you.

If you purchase a handgun from a dealer or any gun from a private party in another state, they must be sent to an FFL in your home state and you take possession from the dealer. (Some dealers won't accept a transfer from a non-dealer, so check first). The FFL will require completion of ATF Form 4473 and a background check will be conducted prior to releasing the firearm to you.